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5 Tips for Dealing with Mosquitoes at Your Outdoor Wedding

It’s outdoor wedding season, and while the temperatures and backdrops are beautiful, the pests can be unpleasant. Whether you’re celebrating in a private backyard or at an elegant country club, there’s one unpleasant visitor you’ll have to deal with: mosquitos. These biting bugs will inevitably crash your reception as soon as the sun sets, leaving guests with swatting and scratching. Don’t let everyone suffer in silence! With these six preventative measures, you can banish these annoying bugs from your big day.

Sweep the Area

Mosquitos love standing water, tall grasses, and dense foliage. Locate these mosquito-prone areas during your initial tour of the venue, then host the reception as far away as possible. If you can’t escape the conditions, take measures to deter bugs on your wedding day. For example, you can fill in puddles, trim tall grasses, and remove piles of leaves and debris.

Choose Flowers That Act as Mosquito-Repellent

Certain flowers, like marigolds and lavender, naturally repel mosquitos. Have your florist incorporate these blooms into centerpieces and other floral arrangements, since they’ll also double as beautiful décor accents. Moskipatch are also a great solution. You can read the moski patch reviews here

Light Tiki Torches

Not only do tiki torches lend a tropical vibe to your wedding, they also repel mosquitos. Place a few around your dance floor and reception space. Keep in mind, though, that tiki torches only eliminate bugs from the immediate area.

Make DIY Citronella Candles

Do tiki torches clash with your wedding aesthetic? Make your own DIY citronella candles instead. You can find countless recipes online; most only require simple ingredients like a glass container, wax, a wick, and citronella oil. If you place the candles inside a cute jar or vintage bottle, they can seamlessly blend into your tabletop décor.

Provide Bug Spray

Lend a helping hand by providing guests with bug spray. Place a few bottles near the bathroom sink or scattered throughout your reception. Alternatively, you can hand out bottles as wedding favors once the sun starts to set. Wedding guests will be grateful for your preparedness.