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5 Tips for Dealing with Mosquitoes at Your Outdoor Wedding

It’s outdoor wedding season, and while the temperatures and backdrops are beautiful, the pests can be unpleasant. Whether you’re celebrating in a private backyard or at an elegant country club, there’s one unpleasant visitor you’ll have to deal with: mosquitos. These biting bugs will inevitably crash your reception as soon as the sun sets, leaving guests with swatting and scratching. Don’t let everyone suffer in silence! With these six preventative measures, you can banish these annoying bugs from your big day.

Sweep the Area

Mosquitos love standing water, tall grasses, and dense foliage. Locate these mosquito-prone areas during your initial tour of the venue, then host the reception as far away as possible. If you can’t escape the conditions, take measures to deter bugs on your wedding day. For example, you can fill in puddles, trim tall grasses, and remove piles of leaves and debris.

Choose Flowers That Act as Mosquito-Repellent

Certain flowers, like marigolds and lavender, naturally repel mosquitos. Have your florist incorporate these blooms into centerpieces and other floral arrangements, since they’ll also double as beautiful décor accents. Moskipatch are also a great solution. You can read the moski patch reviews here

Light Tiki Torches

Not only do tiki torches lend a tropical vibe to your wedding, they also repel mosquitos. Place a few around your dance floor and reception space. Keep in mind, though, that tiki torches only eliminate bugs from the immediate area.

Make DIY Citronella Candles

Do tiki torches clash with your wedding aesthetic? Make your own DIY citronella candles instead. You can find countless recipes online; most only require simple ingredients like a glass container, wax, a wick, and citronella oil. If you place the candles inside a cute jar or vintage bottle, they can seamlessly blend into your tabletop décor.

Provide Bug Spray

Lend a helping hand by providing guests with bug spray. Place a few bottles near the bathroom sink or scattered throughout your reception. Alternatively, you can hand out bottles as wedding favors once the sun starts to set. Wedding guests will be grateful for your preparedness.

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Best Food To Serve at A Wedding

5 different ways to serve your wedding reception food.

By Nancy Lin

Depending on your wedding style, your budget and how formal or casual you want your wedding; you have different options to serve your wedding reception food. Below you will find 5 different choices with their description

wedding reception food

1. Buffets: A buffet style meal requires that guests serve themselves. Typically, each table is called up one-by-one to the buffet tables or buffet stations. Guests then spoon the food onto their plates, or have the food served to them by buffet attendants. Formal buffets make use of serving staff, whereas informal buffets do not. Buffets have a number of advantages.
They often cost less than plated service because serving staff are not always required, or at least fewer serving staff are needed. Secondly, buffets provide many different food options. Every guest is sure to find at least one or two mouth watering options in the buffet spread. Thirdly, Buffets often reduce food waste, as well. Guests can easily bypass the foods they don’t like rather than leaving them on their plates to be thrown away at the end of the meal.

2. Plated meals or Sit-down meals: If you prefer a sit-down meal to a buffet, you have a number of serving options to choose from. Keep in mind that all forms of sit-down meals require additional staff to bring the food from the kitchen and serve it to the guests. While this is not always more expensive than a buffet, it can cost more if the guest list is quite large. In general, every two tables of six guests require one server to serve guests’ food within a reasonable amount of time.
Plated meals do have many advantages. Guests usually get their meals faster because servers can bring plates to many tables at once. Buffets might seem like the cheaper option, but only if the same amount of food is consumed. Finally, the atmosphere provided by a sit-down dinner is simply more formal than that of a buffet. If you wish to pamper your guests, then plated meals are the way to go.

3. Family service: As the name implies, family service is just like a meal you might have at home with your family. The plates are already on the table. Servers bring platters of food from the kitchen

4. Plated service: basic plated service means that all the food is prearranged on the plates in the kitchen. This often produces a lovely effect because the chef can arrange the food and any garnishes to the best effect. This one is the most popular option.

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5. Russian service (white glove): Russian service is one of the most formal plated meals. Servers wearing white gloves dish food out of heated platters and onto a plate already placed on the table. Guests can simply decline items they do not wish to eat.

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How to get the perfect smile with white teeth for your wedding day

Ding! Dong! The sound of wedding bells is in the air. If you’re getting married soon, then congratulations! Your wedding day will definitely be one you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Find what the best way is for Orthodontists to do their SEO

Wedding days are full of smiles and photographs, so it’s normal to feel self-conscious about your teeth as the big day approaches. We know how important it is to have a confident smile you can rely on, and even more so when it’s your special day.

That’s why we’re here to help. In this post, we’ll go through various treatments that can give you a beautiful smile for your wedding day.

Dental Implants

If you’re missing one or more teeth, then you’ll probably want to replace them in time for your wedding. One of the main ways to replace a missing tooth is implants, which are basically special screws made of titanium that fit into your gums. It can take about 3 months for an implant to fuse to your gums, at which point a crown can be added. So if you’re thinking about getting implants, make sure you leave enough time before your wedding day. SEO Orthodontist


If your teeth are crooked, then the best solution is braces. They’re a great way to get a lovely, straight smile.

And did you know that fixed metal braces are no longer the only choice? An alternative nowadays are clear plastic retainers called Invisalign. They’re almost invisible when worn, and what’s more, you can even take them out for a few hours a day. Perfect for those wedding photos! You can also choose incognito braces, which are fixed braces that are hidden on the inside of your teeth. So in all, there’s no need to be seen wearing braces on your wedding day.

However, that said, braces can take a while to achieve their full effect – anywhere from four months to two years might be needed, depending on how crooked your teeth are. So do try to plan far in advance before the big day.


Veneers can transform chipped, worn or stained teeth into a perfect smile. What’s more, the results are fast – a perfect smile can often be achieved in just one month.


Whitening is a great way to hide those unsightly yellow and stains on your teeth and to give your smile some sparkle. Home whitening takes around two to three weeks and in-chair whitening can be done in just one appointment.

Dental cleaning

If none of these treatments is for you, then don’t worry, because there are other options. What about a professional dental cleaning? It can remove stains, plaque and tartar and vastly improve your smile.


Getting the smile you want for your wedding day isn’t too difficult but it does take time. Make sure to plan far in advance so that you can keep a wide range of options open. That said, whatever your timeframe, we can work with you to ensure that you have a smile you’ll be elated with for your big day.